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Hi Dan, I am struggling to activate my Hikvision DS-2CD2327G1-L cameras. When I directly plugged one of those cameras in my computer, I can browse the IP but wont proceed in the password, it has an error says "Device error" and same problem in the SADP but says "Time out". I do not know what causes that error.

Any suggestions?
Hi Phil- When pressing the reset button on a Dahua DHI-NVR4104Hs-P-4KS2/L, does that only reset the password OR does it reset the password and all the camera setups AND / OR delete all the footage on the HDD. Look forward to your response
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nvr hikvision Ds-7616NI-I2 Hello admin, how to fix a problem that does not display data if the problem is in the bios chip please help me send the bios file
Hi, I'm struggling to understand the issue you have, what firmware version is your NVR currently running?
hi , i updated firm ware for nvr ds 96182ni-i16 and i can't login with password old , help me
Hi Dan,

I'm getting four DS-2CD2387G2-LU (C) cameras, I want the best possible quality, high fps, etc ...
Which NVR and hard drive would you recommend?
Hi, we would probably recommend a DS-7616NI-I2/16P 16-channel NVR, the reason is that we have had reports that the latest 8MP AcuSense/ColorVu cameras are using very large amounts of bandwidth (around 20-25Mbps each) and so 4 of them could use as much a 100Mbps which is more than any of the 4-ch or 8-ch Hik NVRs support.
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hello dan, i have a question about iDS-2CD7A46G0-IZHSY, the inteligent part of this camera is this regulated by the nvr or does the camera it self? i want to buy this camera for the face recognition.
but does my recorders support this camera/face recognition? it a DS-7716NI-I4.
there are some options in the recorder about face detection.


HI Phil,

I have an DS-2CD7153-E and I cannot find the latest firmware update, Could you please help me to find it?
Hi just wondering could anybody help me I have an ony-x dvr and can't access the setting keeps saying access denied any help would great thanks
Hello Dan I am attempting to export several hours of video from a hikvision NVR 4.0. It is not working. I tried creating smaller clips. I tried several formats of flash drives.. I tried flash drive 2.0 and 3.0. The files I chose to export will populate in the dropdown menu on the top right corner. The first video file will export up to 40% and then stop. Have you seen this before? Any suggestions?
Hi @jarmack We have not seen issues with downloading multiple files before, it may be to do with the size of files you are trying to download. How big/long are each of the files that make up your hours of footage?
the DVR appears to parse them into half hour increments when attempting to export. The first file goes to 40% then stops. I tried making a small 2 minute clip and exporting that but still the same results 40%, then stops.
What firmware version is your NVR currently running?
Just installed a new hikvision kit. one camera fails. I plugged direct into the DVR and no issues, I then tested the cable to the patch panel, no issues. Plugged in again on its arm and it came up but then a few minutes later it went down. I can’t seem to get it up any more and just says no link. If I unplug and plug back in I can see the IR testing but can’t seem to get any connection or status to appear in the NVR.
I understand however I have all the correct tools and have crimped many a RJ45 and patch panel. The cables are clearly fine if they are transmitting data and power, as an example, one at the in laws has been working for some time but disconnected at 2 in the morning and has not come back on
I understand, but whether it's your first time terminating cables or you have years of experience, one of our first recommendations when seeing an unreliable network connection is always to test the cable because there are many different ways cables can fail/stop working correctly and it is best to eliminate the cable as the issue early on.
Guess what, a new cable run as annoying as it was worked haha! Just bizarre
Hi Dan
Can you help me find firmware for my NVR DS-7104N-SN / P
Best regards
Hi @casper2

This model has long been End of Life and so the last firmware I can find is v3.0.21
hi dan, i have a issue about face detection. i have a DS-7716NI-I4 running firmware V4.50.010_210322, in combination with a DS-2CD4B26FWD-IZS Firmware_V5.5.91_210429 and a DS-2CD2327G1-LU firmware 5.6.5_200316.
both cameras have face detection, option is selectable in nvr gui and camera gui, but no faces detected or recorded.

thanks dan,
Hi, I have

NVR DS-7608NI-K2 and i want to update my firmware, how do i do it?​

Go to: Downloadable file
Scroll down to Firmware; save and extract the file 'digicap.dav' move to the same location if you want to.
Log on to the NVR; under 'System' click 'Maintenance' and at the bottom you'll see the upgrade section.
Then click 'Browse' and locate the extracted file.
Hi Dan, could you help me with my DS-2CD3145F-IS camera, I need to update it but it won't let me from the web or with the batch confuration tool.
The camera has the menu in English, but the problem is that I connect it to the nvr and it generates language incompatibility,

I would appreciate your help.
See my response in your forum thread