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Apologies @kaeser, lots of posts get caught by our spam filter and we are not notified to all of them so some of the genuine ones get stuck. I have manually approved this post and it should be public on the forum now. You may want to add a comment to it to bring it to the top of the latest post list and that way more people will see it.
Thank you. Is there any way, to move it on first page? Because now is on page 3rd (because it was created on november 18th), and probably no-one will see it..
as I said above, comment on your post and it will come to the top of the latest posts on the forum homepage.
Camera recommendations please! I have a Hiwatch by Hikvision DVR108G-F1. Looking for camera recommendations for this unit. Static bullet are preferred. TIA.
Hi Phil, you said that we cannot exceed the NVR's stated camera total e.g. 4, 8 16, 32 cameras regardless of how they are connected, I need to monitor 64 IP cameras, installed remotely but connected to the network, is there any way to use a small NVR without the huge number of ports in the back of the device?
Good Morning Dan.
Is there something wrong with my post here?
It is invisible to forum from August 19th and there is a message on the top saying,
"This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors."
Hi, apologies about that, we get lots of spam comments that get automatically blocked by the forum software, it is now live on the forum for everyone to see and I will take a look at it myself and get back to you with some advice. (our knowledge of AcuSense is limited as it is a very new range so there may be another forum user with more knowledge than us for this specific topic)
Hi Steve, I may have found custom firmware on Hikvision's FTP site that will enable HikConnect. Please send me your email as I'm not comfortable sharing the login details on any public forum.
Hi there is problem in my IP camera its the IP address and username password is correct but wen i am adding camera its shows user is locked.
Am having it difficult to configure two mobile phone device to one 16 Channel NVR, so both can view same NVR in different loction, via cloud app. the complain is another person is using this device, can anybody help out please.
I have a HCVR5108C-V2 Dahua DVR on my CCTV system . ITs gone off and beeping also blue light flashing on unit. Any ideas as to what's wrong?
hi every one
am having an HIK NVR model DS-96128NI-F24/H.
one of our clients is using and now when he tried to take the back up,time issue is there,after setting the required time in the play back,it will play and after some point it jumps to another .
what could be the problem ,any one can help me
Hello to all is two us in house . We have instal hikvision set. Some local company put in this in place but never finish. I try myself sort remote viewing but i can't connect to server trying through no-ip . We both with cancer me and my partner have enough. We pay someone to do and left with all. Internet is full video but ... Asking for help how to finish all. Many thanks