Geovision IP cameras and network CCTV equipment

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Geovision IP cameras and network CCTV equipment

Founded in 1998 in Taiwan, Geovision has been manufacturing video surveillance products for over 20 years. Geovision specialises in research and development and manufacturing of professional grade IP cameras and NVR systems.

Geovision manufacture a vast range of modern IP Cameras and Accessories including: Box, Bullet, Dome, Eyeball and Fisheye cameras to suit any situation and purpose. The range also includes Free Software and Video Servers to enhance and modify the way your recordings are processed and stored.

Geovision IP cameras range in resolution from 1.3MP up to 12MP to provide supreme video quality for a wide range of applications. In order to provide products for applications from home use to more specialised commercial scenarios Geovision products have different features dependent on its intended use. Geovision products designed for home use have a smaller more discreet design to attract the home users as well as affordable pricing. The higher price point products have a larger range of features and are aimed at the corporate end of the market.

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