Hikvision IP Cameras and network CCTV Equipment

Hikvision IP Cameras

Hikvision IP Cameras and network CCTV Equipment

Introduced to the security sector in 2013, Hikvision burst onto the market with its cost-effective creative designs, popularity has only increased since then. Hikvision are constantly creating and innovating new products and are often the first to bring new technology to users.

Hikvision is the UK’s leading brand for IP cameras and accessories, and combines the highest quality cameras with the best value for money on the market. Hikvision security cameras boast a wealth of features including IR, varifocal lenses, wide dynamic range, weather and vandal resistance as well as featuring their own technology such as darkfighter, ColorVu and AcuSense to name a few.

Hikvision IP cameras are available in all shapes and sizes including; Bullet, Dome, Turret and PTZ. The brand doesn't only supply CCTV cameras but a wide range of NVRs, Brackets and other accessories to complete a system. 

Hikvision’s most popular camera ranges include: EasyIP 2.0+, EasyIP 3.0 and Easy IP 4.0. Each Hikvision range has been designed with particular applications in mind; the EasyIP 2.0+ range is Hikvision’s most cost-effective selection of cameras in megapixel options from 4MP, 6MP and 8MP. The EasyIP 3.0 range builds upon the quality of the 2.0+ range and has resolutions from 4MP to 8MP to choose from, as well as featuring Hikvision’s DarkFighter technology for improved night time images. EasyIP 4.0 is the newest of the three ranges and features AcuSense and ColorVu cameras. AcuSense technology for filtering false alarms and ColorVu for delivering bright colour images anytime of day. Within the Hikvision camera ranges there is something for everyone.

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