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Hikvision is the UK's leading brand of IP cameras and accessories, and provide the highest quality cameras with the best value for money on the market. Hikvision cameras are available in all shapes and sized and can be used for both domestic or commercial installations. Take a look at the newest EasyIP 3.0 family for a range of 3MP, 5MP and 8MP cameras with a variety of functions that are guaranteed to suit your application!

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  1. Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2-8P | 8 Channel Network Video Recorder

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2-8P | 8 Channel Network Video Recorder

    The Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P is an 8 channel network video recorder with 8 built-in PoE ports for easy set up.

    This NVR has 2 spaces for hard drives and can hold a maximum capacity of 20TB.

    The DS-7608NI-K2/8P can support IP cameras up to 8MP and can utilise H.265+ for less stress on storage and bandwidth.

    There is a VGA and HDMI input so that a monitor can be connected. However, the NVR can be accessed remotely via a browser or Hik-Connect.

    This NVR is suitable for a variety of applications with two way audio, smart search and support of Hikvision's Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

    A power supply and mouse is included with this NVR.

    This NVR will accept any capacity hard drive (HDD) currently available. Any maximum capacity stated on the manufacturer’s documents is simply based upon the maximum HDD size that was available at the time of release/publication.

    Max. HDD Support - 20TB (2x SATA Drives).
    Max. Supported IP Cameras - 8
    Max. Megabits Per Second - 80Mbps

    Please note that Hikvision NVRs are supplied without hard drives. We recommend the WD Purple HDDs for this product.

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