Dome Cameras


Dome Cameras

Dome IP cameras are typically vandal-proof and are extremely resistant to tampering, making them a fantastic choice for situations in which this is a risk.

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  1. Axis Q3515-LVE 9mm Outdoor Fixed Dome Network Camera 01041-001

    Axis Q3515-LVE 9mm Outdoor Fixed Dome Network Camera 01041-001

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    The Axis Q3515-LVE is a fixed dome outdoor vandal resistant camera that has been designed to withstand harsh environments with its weather shield protecting the camera from snow, rain and reflections. The camera is able to resist extreme temperatures raging from -50°C to 60°C and is protected against corrosion and dust.

    This camera provides unparalleled video quality in any light condition thanks to its high quality image sensors and features such as: - Forensic WDR ~ the latest and most advanced WDR technology, reducing visible noise and artifacts to deliver video turned for maximal forensic usability. - Lightfinder technology ~ has extreme light sensitivity to give more life-like colours in low light conditions. - OptimisedIR technology ~ is based on new, smart, power-efficient and patented LED technology, resulting in high-quality and low noise video.

    Included Accessories: - Installation guide - Windows decoder 1-user license - Drill hole template - Cable gaskets - I/O and DC connectors - Connector guard - Weather shield - Axis U-shape conduit adapter - Resistorx T20 L-Key - Mounting bracket
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