Dome Cameras


Dome Cameras

Dome IP cameras are typically vandal-proof and are extremely resistant to tampering, making them a fantastic choice for situations in which this is a risk.

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  1. Axis M4206-V Varifocal Mini Dome Network Camera 01240-001

    Axis M4206-V Varifocal Mini Dome Network Camera 01240-001

    £448.80 Incl VAT Excl VAT. £374.00

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    The Axis M4206-V network camera delivers clear, sharp, video surveillance in difficult light conditions whether you need hawk-eye overviews or detailed close-ups.

    The ultra-compact and dust-resistant casing is designed to blend seamlessly into any indoor environment.

    Axis M4206-V only requires two screws to mount on ceiling or wall, and the camera features a varifocal lens that can be adjusted from a remote location.

    With over 40% recycled plastics, Axis M4206-V is designed for flexible, cost-effective and environment-friendly installations.

    Included Accessories: - Installation guide - Windows decoder 1-user license

    Axis M4206-V Installation GuideAxis M4206-V User ManualAxis Assigning IP Address User ManualAxis Product Comparison Table
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