Dome IP cameras


Dome IP cameras

Dome cameras have long been popular and are particularly popular for home use as they can be easily installed under the eaves of a house for a sleek and unobtrusive look. Another reason for the popularity of dome cameras is the vandal resistant housing on many models. This gives users extra confidence when installing the cameras at lower levels than some other camera styles.

Unlike bullet cameras, dome CCTV cameras can make it more difficult for people to see which direction the camera is pointing in. Due to the compact design of the dome it is also more resistant to overall vandalism than other camera types.

Although dome cameras all follow a similar design there can be slight differences in style and specification. We supply a wide range of dome cameras including; mini dome, varifocal dome and fisheye dome.

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  1. Axis Q3709-PVE Fixed Dome Network Camera 0664-001

    Axis Q3709-PVE Fixed Dome Network Camera 0664-001

    £2,197.20 Incl VAT Excl VAT. £1,831.00

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    The Axis Q3709-PVE network camera is a fixed dome with multiple sensors that provides a broad overview with great detail.

    Included Accessories: - RJ45 push-pull connector - L-key - Weather shield - Installation guide - Windows decoder 3-user license
    Axis Q3709-PVE User Manual Axis Q3709-PVE Installation Guide Axis Assigning IP Address User Manual Axis Product Comparison Table Axis Product Guide
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