Indoor IP Cameras


Indoor IP Cameras

A range of IP network cameras suitable for indoor applications.

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  1. Hikvision DS-2CD6986F-5MM Panoramic Dome Camera

    Hikvision PanoVu DS-2CD6986F-5MM Panoramic Dome Camera

    The DS-2CD6986F-5MM is a panoramic, multi-imaging, Darkfighter camera from Hikvision's PanoVu range which is capable of capturing high quality images in low-light environments with 4 different lenses in HD resolution. This camera uses many smart features such as Defog and 3D DNR along with three-level user authentication management.
    Please use the chat button at the bottom-right of your screen to check stock before purchasing. This Camera is treated as a project-only product, only a low quantity of certain models are kept in UK stock. As an official Authorised Partner of HikVision we have access to all available stock in the UK, Europe and China.
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  2. AXIS Q3708-PVE Fixed Dome Network Camera

    Axis Q3708-PVE Fixed Dome Network Camera 0801-001

    £2,200.80 Incl VAT Excl VAT. £1,834.00

    The Axis Q3708-PVE is a fixed dome camera with Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) and excellent light sensitivity, Axis call this Forensic Capture as it lets you see much more detail in very low light situations. What really separates this dome from many others on the market is its 3 sensors in 1 design that allows you to see a huge 180 degree panoramic field of view in up to Quad HD resolution.

    Included Accessories: - RJ45 push-pull connector - L-key - Weather shield - Installation guide - Windows decoder 3-user license

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  3. Hikvision PanoVu DS-2DP1636Z-D 16MP Panoramic and PTZ Camera

    Hikvision PanoVu DS-2DP1636Z-D 16MP Panoramic and PTZ Camera

    The DS-2DP1636Z-D is a panoramic camera matched with a PTZ camera. The panoramic camera offers a horizontal viewing angle of 360°. The PTZ camera is 2MP and offers 36x optical zoom with 360° endless pan. A range of smart features such as intrusion detection, motion detection and line crossing are supported. The DS-2DP1636Z-D is also able to detect up to 30 moving targets at the same time. There are a range of built-in features to improve image quality such as wide dynamic range (WDR), highlight compensation (HLC) and defog. The DS-2DP1636Z-D supports 8 patrols and 300 presets. There is also space for on-board storage with the option of an SD card. This camera can be powered by a 36V DC power supply or 120W PoE supply. Remote access is possible through a browser or through the Hik-Connect app.
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