Hi I'm looking at the HikVision DS-2CD2732F-I 3MP camera outside. I was planning to fit it to the sofit of my house (plastic trim around edge). I have noticed it supports this ceiling mount but this ceiling mount says 'Indoor Only' Obviously using this mount gives a more flush finish but will I jeopardise the waterproof'ness of the camera and IP rating and vandalism rating by using the indoor mount on the outdoors? Cheers!

Hello Andy, I've got the camera and the adapter on my desk right now to check, and I cannot see any reason why you'd only be able to use this combination indoors. The whole camera fits within the mount, so the HikVision camera's weatherproof integrity is not compromised, nor it's vandal-resistant rating. The covering bezel is plastic, so should be fine outdoors and not degrade. The mounting assembly the fixes through the cut-out seems to be approx. 3mm thick galvanised steel. Please feel free to Buy & Try to see for yourself ...
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