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Luxriot Evo

Evo is the new generation of Luxriot's flagship VMS software, bringing together years of experience and development to deliver a scalable solution that will fit your company, whatever the security needs.

With support from over 4000 different cameras and network devices, as well as new 64-bit architecture and a huge range of recording, management, and analysis features, Luxriot Evo S is at the forefront of modern security software.

Please see our Luxriot Evo S Update Category to extend your plan.

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  1. Luxriot Evo Complimentary VMS Software

    Luxriot Evo Complimentary Software

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    Download Luxriot Evo Here.

    Luxriot Evo is a complimentary version of the new-generation Luxriot VMS software. Delivering an outstanding quality performance, this video management system supports over 4000 cameras from major producers and is ideal for use at homes or small offices with surveillance networks of nine cameras or fewer. Luxriot Evo supports 9 camera channels. If you need support for further camera channels, you would need to look towards Luxriot Evo S, which supports 24 / 48 / 96 channels. The meticulously designed interface will allow any user to quickly understand the whole process of configuration and start using the software. Luxriot Evo is a free product, and so it does not fall under Luxriot technical support services and has a much shorter list of components. Should you need a more comprehensive functional or enterprise-level video management system solutions with complete surveillance ecosystem, please refer to more advanced versions of the software – Luxriot Evo S.
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  2. Luxriot Evo S VMS Software

    Luxriot Evo S Software

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    Luxriot Evo S is Luxriot's new flagship VMS software, featuring an improved user interface, a greater range of functionality, and 64-bit operation to make the most of your security system.

    Offering live streaming and playback, action and event management, data synchronisation, visual mapping that's integrated with your alerts, as well as a host of data analysis functions, the Luxriot Evo S is a fantastic addition to any business security solution.

    Evo S is the culmination of years of development, is informed by the needs and experiences of thousands of projects globally, and features Luxriot's characteristic attention to precision and excellent innovation.

    The solution is scalable, and is best suited to small-to-medium sized applications.

    We are able to send out codes immediately after your purchase has been completed! (Within office hours: 9-5 BST).

    This product comes with 2 years of free updates and 4 years of free technical support. If you wish to extend this further, please purchase a suitable Luxriot Update Plan

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