Mobotix IP cameras and network CCTV equipment

Mobotix IP Cameras

Mobotix IP cameras and network CCTV equipment

Mobotix has been in the security sector for over 20 years, a German manufacturer with a mission to go ‘Beyond Human Vision’. Mobotix does not think like classic camera manufacturers and develops their solutions based on the German way of engineering. Mobotix do not make cameras but computers with lenses, and stand apart from their rivals with uncompromisingly reliable intelligent solutions which ensure long-term security investment.

The uniqueness of the Mobotix products only add to their popularity, the design is unlike any other and the lens options unrivalled. Users have the freedom to choose from a range of lenses and modules to create the camera best suited to their application. With both indoor and outdoor camera options there really is something for everyone.

With 10 different camera series, users have a lot to choose from. The c, i and p series are the range of indoor hemispheric cameras options with options to add audio etc and different mounting options depending on requirement. The series are 6MP in resolution and users can select one lens day or night for these cameras.

The D, M and S series have both single and dual lens options ranging from fisheye to super tele lens, users have the option from wide angle to narrow angle lenses depending on need. The D series consists of dome cameras, the M Series features a unique square-like bullet design and the S series is a modular system with the camera body separate from the modules.

Mobotix also has its own range of door entry products, the T series. The T series consists of intercoms and accessories such as keypads, security door openers and display stations. Available in a range of colours including; white, silver, dark grey and black, there is a colour to suit every office building or home.

The newest range of Mobotix cameras, the M73 series, are integrated with the Mobotix 7 platform which includes many apps to support a range of different industries. To find out more about these apps and the industries see our forum post. The M73 is also the first Mobotix camera to include three modules.

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