Veracity TIMENET GPS Master NTP Time Server antenna and PSU VTN-TN


The VTN-TN is now End of Life.

May we recommend the Veracity VTN-TN-PRO or alternatively you can check out our Veracity page to find a different model.

NTP master reference clock for CCTV & Access Control applications: - Accurate universal atomic clock reference - Supports all NTP compatible devices - Ideal for CCTV and DVR applications - Far lower cost than competing products - Ideal for closed or secure networks - Direct network interface for remote siting - Simple setup – one IP address - Automatic GPS lock and time sync - Extremely compact design - Indoor location (antenna on a window) - Integral watchdog for long-term reliable operation - Robust, wall mounting, self contained unit - Wide operating temperature range - Very low power use Veracity IP Transmission Catalogue 2010

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