Vivotek IP9181-H 5MP Box Camera

SKU: IP9181-H

The Vivotek IP9181-H is a box camera that provides 5 megapixel resolution at 30fps or 1080p resolution at 60fps.

Featuring SNR (supreme night visibility) and WDR (wide dynamic range) Pro technologies the IP9181-H is able to capture high quality images in both extremely bright and low light conditions.

Vivotek's Smart Stream II reduces both bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 80%, while maintaining the camera's high quality image.

Smart Stream II

Included Accessories:

- User manual

- Quick installation guide

- Shepherd


- Mounting bracket

- Screw pack

- Lens

Please note that this product may be subject to a 7~10 day lead time to fetch it from the manufacturer.

Vivotek IP9181-H User Manual Vivotek IP9181-H Quick Installation Guide Vivotek Product Brochure

Vivotek IP9181-H
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