Here at use-IP we aim to deliver expert knowledge in every aspect of CCTV with the hope of providing each customer with their perfect solution so that they feel secure in their own home or business.

We understand that it can be a challenge to find the perfect system when there are so many options on the market, so let use-IP lend a hand!

We host an informative online store where you can browse and shop a variety of products from our partners whilst also offering our expertise to build custom systems for every application.

Our team are seasoned in offering technical help and solutions with the aim of ensuring that every customer leaves us feeling satisfied and fulfilled with their purchases.



It's important for us to hear what you have to say about our service so that we can keep on improving. Take a look at what our previous, valued customers think of use-IP.





Phil Stewkesbury

Phil founded use-IP back in 2008 and has been working hard for a decade to make our company the success that it is today. He spends a lot of time one on one with customers technical queries and can find a solution to match even the most complicated applications.

With over 2,000 posts in our famous technical forum, Phil works hard each day to ensure that every customer feels informed and well served after their time with us.

After a decade as the manager of business development at a specialist CCTV company, he has gained an abundance of invaluable knowledge which is used daily to make use-IP the best that it can be.

When he's away from work, Phil enjoys a good pint of real ale, and watching England's latest exploits on the rugby pitch.

Find out more about Phil's experience and previous roles on his LinkedIn profile!


"Phil from use-IP was really helpful; answered all my questions prior to my purchase and even my stupid ones once I had received my product. Really pleased with my purchase and great to get some expert advice."



Sandra Stewkesbury

Sandra has been working alongside Phil to keep things running smoothly since the day use-IP was born.

She works hard each day to make sure that every customer receives their order in the best condition possible while providing excellent customer service to those who may have queries.

With over a decade spent at use-IP, Sandra keeps each customer informed about every step of their order while also working hard on the company accounts behind the scenes.

When not in the office, Sandra enjoys going to the gym and can usually be found looking at photos of baby giraffes.


"Absolutely first clas technical support in helping me to get to grips with cctv surveillance and IP networking of Hikvision cameras. High quality products and delivery was exceptionally quick. Thank very much to Phil and Sandra."



Gilly Marshall

Gilly has been part of use-IP's story since 2011 and has gained an expansive knowledge of IP CCTV in this time. Gilly starred in some of use-IP's first ever YouTube videos and helped to build some of our earliest product pages. She also contributes technical material to our blog.

During her time at use-IP, Gilly has had many roles within the company but now she dedicates her time to ensuring our product pages are the best on the web. Gilly's specialist brands include: Axis, Milesight, Milestone, Mobotix and ACTi.

Gilly has brought her sass, slippers and snacks to the office. When not at work, Gilly can be found at university studying Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring or listening to/watching the latest True Crime podcasts and documentaries. She also has no shame in admitted the shear number of Hallmark movies she has watched.

Find out more about Gilly's experience and previous roles on her LinkedIn profile!


"Gilly Marshall made it so easy for me. She was there at the beginning of my order until delivery. Thank you Gilly !"



Emma Hedges

Emma is one of the newest members of the use-IP family, joining us in July 2019 and is helping us as we strive to be the best webshop for IP CCTV by building and improving our product pages to make them as informative as possible for all our customers.

As well as building and maintaining our product pages, Emma is available to our customers to help with any questions and queries they may have. You can get hold of Emma by email, phone or on our online chat.

In her spare time Emma can often be found attending live music events and going to the gym. As well at this Emma enjoys binge watching Greys Anatomy, Friends and One Tree Hill.

Find out more about Emma's experience and previous roles on her LinkedIn!


"Can do nothing but praise use-IP for their level of customer service - in particular Emma who dealt with the issues.



Dan Stewkesbury

Dan joined use-IP in 2016 and has dedicated the last two years to making excellent content for our popular YouTube channel. He also launched and manages our IP Camera Reviews site.

Dan is the proud owner of a BA in Film, Radio and Television (specialising in film) and ensures all of our content reflects this. With a range of YouTube playlists ranging from "Explain the Basics" to "How To", his high quality videos have grown increasingly popular and receive high praise from our customers for their informative content.

Dan can be contacted using our online chat or by e-mail and offers technical support and tutorials for our customers who may need a hand with setting up their system. Dan's work can also be found in the forum where he is an active member.

When he's not at work he can be found in his room drinking lots of tea or at the local cinema (also drinking tea).

Find out more about Dan's experience and previous roles on his LinkedIn profile!


"The pre-sales advice and guidance from Daniel at use-IP was 1st class. Could not have asked for more..."




Kyle Mcmunn

Kyle is the newest member of the use-IP family and joined us in January 2020. Alongside Dan, Kyle offers pre and post sales technical support to our customers and can often be found on our forum providing support there too.

Kyle can be contacted via email, phone or on our online chat. He is available to help our customers with a wide range of technical enquiries including helping to setup systems and diagnose any issues they may encounter along the way.

When not at work Kyle enjoys a gig with a beer in hand, watching his beloved Man Utd also with a beer in hand, playing football and tennis (not with beer in hand) and is a self-confessed documentary and horror film junkie.


"First class tech help from Kyle this week but have spoken to others in the past including Phil (the owner I think) and all very helpful..."

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