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cctv recommendation

  1. F

    DIY Hikvision Camera CCTV Setup

    We are looking at setting up our own cctv setup. We are completely rural and would like something that can work in low light. We will be putting 1 up at the point of the gable end of the house to look over a building site (30m span) and another over the front door. We are running CAT6 cable to...
  2. A

    Help with choosing wireless systems

    Hi, im on the hunt for a new cctv wireless system.. ive seen a few which look great but not sure what would be best for what i need im lookng for an nvr with 16ch 8 cameras with wide angle field of view preferably around 118 any ideas what would be best please many thanks
  3. D

    Replacement for JVC TK-S240 analog indoor camera

    Hi everyone: We have a very old JVC TK-S240 analog indoor camera. Here's the specs: http://pro.jvc.com/pro/attributes/cctv/manual/tks241u.pdf It's starting to fail. Is there a replacement for it that can be installed in-place of it? Something like this one. PS. Sorry, I'm not really good...
  4. S

    UK Advice Appreciated for New Home (CCTV)

    Hi all, I am eagerly awaiting the purchase of our new house and wondered if any experts could lend their ear for some advice on CCTV? As this will be our first detached I am taking the precaution of installing an alarm and are also very interested in the possibilities of a CCTV system. Having...
  5. Keoni Granger

    IP CCTV Buyers Guide

    IP CCTV Buyers Guide In this thread we'll be looking at what you'll need for a typical IP system along with some of use-IP's recommendations for creating the best set up possible. :) __________________________________________________________________________________________ Typical IP System A...
  6. R

    IP CCTV system - what is best???

    hello all Newbie to the CCTV world but in the process of buying a new house and want to add CCTV. I was thinking 3-4 cameras for the external, 1 for the front door with maybe a small screen inside and 1 camera in the Garage. I am already doing my plans for the Cat 6 network I want in the...
  7. Gary Pearce

    Hello ... Im new here

    well to the forum but look forward to getting to know some of the regulars here.
  8. Spooky User


    Hi everyone! I just moved to the Netherlands, and the neighborhood I'm going to stay at for a while is quite rough so to speak.. So I'm looking for a good quality cctv system. My friend recommended me this: https://www.rrb-security.nl/camera-bewaking/ It's in Dutch, sorry about that. But it's...