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  1. johnkimon

    Is this a camera?

    Hello all I've posted previously about a neighbour who has put up surveillance equipment in his garden, which other neighbours think has no security justification but is intended for snooping and harassment purposes. This morning neighbours noticed another device has gone up, this time on the...
  2. johnkimon

    Can someone identify this CCTV camera?

    Hello all A neighbour has installed a CCTV camera at the rear of his house. This has upset other neighbours who claim it overlooks their patios and gardens. He is adamant that it can only capture his garden and not anyone else's. I've attached images of his camera, which I believe is this...
  3. J

    Cctv advice needed please

    Hi all, Not got someone to bounce the idea of the layout or what cameras to get, so any advice will be great. So this the layout of the house and what I was thinking of setup. The cctv box is a hikvision 32 channel which i already have. Garage Put coax cameras close to box House Link the...
  4. S

    Indoor Security Camera - Blink XT2

    Hey guys! So been looking through for indoor security camera and came across the Amazon Blink XT2. I have went through a few and there either too cheap looking/performance or too expensive. Reason im considering this one as its fairly priced and also through amazon so im assuming its a good...
  5. S

    Better motion detection.

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate some advice. I know that reolink cameras are not thought of highly but for me they do the job, or at least they did. I purchased 2 x 410 5mp cameras for front and back of the house. Pictures are very good, day and night. I have been recording 24/7 onto a...
  6. P

    Hidden Wires

    Hi guys, need some help, am planning on installing some CCTV and I believe you can hide wires in the wall for external cameras, an struggling on understanding how you would pull them through to where you’d want them coming out, has anyone got any diagrams or anything that can help me understand...
  7. P

    Newbie help needed with choosing a CCTV System

    I'm looking into setting up a CCTV system to monitor the exterior of my house. The neighbours car was recently vandalised during the night so that has spurred me on to get this sorted. 3 cameras should suffice, two to the front and one to the rear (at least for the time being) The front wall of...
  8. H

    Alteq Firmware - Please HELP!!!!

    Hello all I currently have an Alteq 8 Port NVR and i am trying to find the lastest frmware version. Been searching for ages and cant seem to find a thing on this brand. The idea to update it and default it before I sell the NVR + 4 x 4MP Dome Cameras. If i look on the system the current...
  9. A

    dvr replacement

    I need to replace a DVR recorder from Grundig GD-RT series. I can't find it anywhere in stock... does anybody know where I can get it?
  10. I

    Hik-Connect Hikvision laptop login details problem

    Hi I have installed cameras in two of my houses over the last few weeks , I have been using the mobile Hik-Connect app to remotely view and has been working great . I installed a new anpr camera and need to login via a laptop to configure settings but cannot for the life of me find how to...
  11. tsam19

    Best Home CCTV system advice

    Hello all Was looking for a section on home cctv system, but there doesnt seem to be one on AV forums. Or, if there is, somebody please point me in the right direction. I've seen plenty of Hikvision and Hiwatch (made by Hikvision) for sale and wanted to know if anyone can testify to the...
  12. V

    Dahua or hikvision

    Hello everyone, I want to buy ip camera and I cannot decide which one to buy i have theses 2 1. Hikvision DS-2CD2043G0-I 4MP 2. Dahua DH IPC-HFW4431R-Z They both are 4mp I currently use Dahua XVR and have both dahua and hikvision cams.... so which I sould get...? Thanks
  13. S

    IP Cameras - Cost effective solution? Installing in mothers home

    Hi everyone. As you can tell I'm new to this forum. A change in my mother's health has recently brought to my attention that I need to start looking into a cost-effective CCTV solution. I live away from my mother who lives alone and recently she has taken ill and has not been able to get up...
  14. B

    Security Camera at work

    Hi all, I'm totally new to all of this so i'm pretty much clueless. We need to install a basic security camera at work. We don't have access to WIFI and run all of our IT on 3G dongles (we're in temporary offices and the data package on the dongles aren't great). We'd ideally like to connect...
  15. R

    IP CCTV system - what is best???

    hello all Newbie to the CCTV world but in the process of buying a new house and want to add CCTV. I was thinking 3-4 cameras for the external, 1 for the front door with maybe a small screen inside and 1 camera in the Garage. I am already doing my plans for the Cat 6 network I want in the...
  16. S

    Two NVRs Auto switching on one monitor. Can it be done?

    Hi All I have two Hikvision CCTV NVRs each has a HDMi & Lan output and I wish to view both NVrs on one HDTV, however I want it to auto switch between the two sources. Can anyone recommend a way to do this? Cheers.