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  1. Mja64

    Saving Events to a NAS

    Hi, I have a DS-7608NI-K2/8P with seven 3rd party camera attached, and all working fine. The NVR has two internal HDDs fitted, a 3GB and a 1GB. I have also set up a shared folder on my NAS, which can be seen in the list of drives. The NVR is located in my attic, and the NAS drive elsewhere in...
  2. S

    Push messages

    I have 4 cameras connected to a NVR. Two of the cameras push events to the HikConnect app the other two dont. The NVR is set up correctly with all cameras set to notify surveillance center . Events work on the email though. Do only some cameras support push messages? I have 2 DS-2CD2042WD-I...
  3. S

    Motion detection

    Any hints on getting motion detection to work effectively? I've got an NVR (4 port K series) with 2 cameras. I've tried to set up motion detection, and initially got a continuous stream of events, which appear to be leaves on a bush... I've backed the sensitivity way down, and now I'm not...