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  1. Dan

    New Milesight Camera (v4x.7.0.70) and NVR (v7x.9.0.4) Firmware - Introducing 'Plug-in Free' Access for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...

    Some Milesight users may have already spotted the camera firmware that was released last week and the NVR firmware released today, we didn't go public with these updates straight away as we have experienced technical problems with previous Milesight firmware and didn't want to tell people to...
  2. Dan

    NEW Milesight Firmware for NVRs (v7x.9.0.3) and Cameras (v4x.7.0.69-r11)

    It has been a long wait but we finally have new Milesight firmware. Unfortunately, the new firmware does not bring the number of improvements & fixes that we were hoping for. Attached are the release notes for both the cameras & NVRs, as you will see there are some new features supported by...
  3. Dan

    New Mobotix Firmware for the x14/x24/x15/x25, T24M/T25M, and x16/x26 Series Cameras

    Mobotix have released firmware for 2 of their camera ranges, follow the below links for the firmware file and more information on what updates the firmware brings. MOBOTIX P3 Cameras x14/x24/x15/x25, T24M/T25M - Firmware v4.7.2.18 MOBOTIX Mx6 Cameras x16/x26 - Firmware v5.2.1.4 If you have...
  4. Dan

    NEW Milesight NVR Firmware (7x.9.0.2) Introduces Support for VCA Functions

    Milesight have just this week released a new NVR firmware, 7x.9.0.2 introduces support for VCA functions which means that you can now control the VCA/Smart Event settings of your Milesight cameras from the NVR. You can read a little bit more about this new feature here IMPORTANT: Before...
  5. S

    firmware digicap.dav avec programmer rt809h

    Bonjour, Je cherche à comprendre la différence entre DVR et NVR, cela une sélection. Mon probleme j'ai un DVR hikvision 4 ch, qui n'a plus de sortie video mais plus sur le moniteur je me renseigne sur la reparation de la video sans les images quelques secondes et plus plus rien. Donc j'ai conclu...
  6. Tara Brown

    How to Update your Wisenet Camera Firmware

    Firstly it is useful to know that Wisenet refers to 'firmware' as 'software' (abbreviated to S/W) throughout their site. It has come to our attention that it is not currently possible to update Wisenet camera firmware when the cameras are directly connected to the NVR. We have contacted...
  7. D

    HikVision DS-2CD2685FWD - Firmware Help

    Hi Guys I cant make head or tail of the Firmware portal - I believe this needs firmware from the R2 Platform but can't figure it out, Unfortunately, the Model isnt on the excel page either anyone able to point me in the right direction, please thanks
  8. Dan

    How to update the firmware of a Milesight camera/NVR using a browser in 8 easy steps

    Here's how to update the firmware of your Milesight cameras using a browser, all in an easy step-by-step guide: Step 1: Create an account on our forum, login to the account, and click the resources tab at the top of the forum Step 2: Click the Milesight Camera tab on the left of the page and...
  9. Dan

    How to update the firmware of a Milesight camera/NVR using Smart Tools in 9 easy steps

    Here's how to update your Milesight camera and/or NVR to the latest firmware using Smart Tools, all explained in easy to follow steps: Step 1: Create an account on our forum, login to the account, and click the resources tab at the top of the forum Step 2: Click either the Milesight Camera or...
  10. Phil

    HikVision Firmware updates - backdoor exploit fully disclosed

    It is very important to keep your camera and/or NVR firmware up-to-date. The below link leads to a recent full disclosure of a weakness found in the firmware of HikVision devices. The weakness was shared with HikVision back in March 2017. HikVision released new firmware to resolve the issue...
  11. C

    Sanyo VCC-HD5600P firmware overlay

    Hey, How to turn off firmware overlay on a Sanyo VCC-HD5600P within VMS software? Please see pictures attached for what we are experiencing. Not sure if the camera is stuck in a config mode, or the overlay can be turned off. Cant find any info about this on the web interface or in the manual...
  12. D

    HikVision Firmware Update via SD Card

    I have a Hikvision camera that went bad when doing a firmware update. It appeared to go OK and asked to be rebooted but since reboot it does not get an IP address, I can see it has an IP6 address and Mac address but no way to access it. I tried HikVision SADP tool but it does not see it...
  13. B

    Firmware DS-2CD2532F-IWS

    Could anyone please guide me to the download for the latest firmware for mini dome Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IWS? Thanks.
  14. J

    upgrade path for DS-2CD2132-I

    Hello, I've got a DS-2CD2132-I which is running firmware V5.0.2 130805. I'd like to upgrade it to the latest version but wanted to check if I can go straight to V5.4.0 or if I have to go through other updates. Any advice and links to files that I'd need would be very appreciated. Cheers, Johnny
  15. H

    Hikvision - Firmware failed

    Hi Please can you help, i tried to update the firmware on my hikvision NVR (DS-7608N-E2/8P) due to the gmail SSL issue. Everything was going well until the device failed to restart. i now get 15 bleeps, The nvr was purchased via ebay (china) looks like i applied the wrong firmware. Please...