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  1. Phil

    Hik-Connect Hikvision's Hik-Connect App is only available from their own App Store web page now

    As previously detailed here: https://www.use-ip.co.uk/forum/threads/hikvisions-latest-hik-connect-app-updates.4535/ Hikvision's own App Store We are right now working with our first business customer who: Issues company mobile phones (Android) to their employees Has a tight IT policy /...
  2. P

    Hik-Connect Remote playback on iOS app

    Hi, for some reason, I cannot watch the full playback for yesterday? It seems to be an occurring theme. There are also times when I cannot watch the recent playback (same day) for several hours after the fact. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. Dan

    How-to: How to Unbind a Hikvision Device using SADP on a PC

    Unbinding a Hikvision device is not something that is required all that often, in most cases you can do the unbind from within the app. There are though some rare cases when the user does not have access to the Hik-connect account that the device is bound to, for example, if you have purchased a...
  4. Itsmee

    Hik-Connect DS-7716NI-I4 problem since upgrade to NVR.4.... i think or maybe the change of ISP

    Hi I'm having issues with my DS-7716NI-I4. My Platform Access/Register Status is showing as Offline and I cant get it to change to Online no matter what I try. I have spent five hours today going over the settings, I'm missing something silly I think. to make things worse I'm not sure if it...
  5. E

    Platform access missing from Network options.

    Hi there, I am trying to connect my DS-7716NI-SP to the internet and under network, the Platform access option is missing. The firmware that I am using is V3.4.3 build 160811. I live in the UK. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers, Epipen
  6. S

    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect 5 mins behind

    Hello, Hik-connect app is streaming live view which is 5mins behind real-time. Is there any way to make this closer to real-time?
  7. Phil

    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect portal error message "No device is found. Make sure that the serial No. is correct and the device is connected properly."

    The thread title is what you will see at Hikvision's Hik-Connect portal if it is unable to find your Hikvision device online. Briefly, when you enable Platform Access on a Hikvision device (typically an NVR, but you can just add a camera) then the device 'calls home' to the Hik-Connect portal...
  8. P

    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect Visitor Mode - How can I disable it?

    Can anyone tell me if I can disable visitor mode for my Hik-Connect account? I had a Hikvision CCTV system installed because a stalker had repeatedly broken into my house. As a matter of course I took a note of the DVR details on my mobile phone but then discovered that the person had hacked my...
  9. A

    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect and RTSP at the same time

    Hello, We have encountered problem with Hikvision NVR. We are using NVR model DS-7608/7616NI-K2/8P(16P) with 8 Hikvision bullet cameras. We would like to use Hik-Connect and RTSP feature at the same time, but Hik-Connect encrypts the video, and we can access it through RTSP feed, but we can...
  10. Phil

    How-to: How to use Hik-Connect

    Hikvision's standard App for use with their security cameras and recorders is called Hik-Connect. It is available for both Android and Apple's IOS based mobile devices, from the usual App stores. For Android devices, from the Google Play store here...
  11. J

    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect app Event Notifications Stopped

    Hi all as you can see from the title ** Hik-Connect app Event Notifications Stopped ** Long story short...I have a DS7608NII28P NVR with 5 cameras, 1- 8mp turret, 1- 4mp mini dome and 3- 3mp turrets, all been working fine for weeks but I noticed on my iPhone and 2 iPads that the last event...
  12. P

    Hik-Connect Lost "Live View" on NVR after configuring Hik-Connect

    I've set up Hit-Connect so I have remote access via my iPad but I now cannot get "Live View" when connected to the NVR (DS-7732) locally via web browser. This is the message I get. If I disable the Hik-Vision option (which turns off the Verification Code" the Live View works. Any thoughts on...
  13. M

    Hik-Connect hik-connect Problems

    hello i can not access hik-connect, it's always offline what do i do to fix it? DS-7608NI-E2 / 8P Firmware-version: V3.4.96 build 170921 Pleace help:(
  14. Phil

    How-to: HikVision Hik-Connect - latest HowTo videos

    HikVision Tech Support have just uploaded three new How To videos to their YouTube channel - embedded below. For further information on Hik-Connect, please see this overview thread: https://forum.use-ip.co.uk/threads/hikconnect-in-a-nutshell-how-does-it-work.1519 And this thread collating...
  15. Phil

    How-to: HikVision Hik-Connect Setup

    The transition to the new Hik-Connect portal and the corresponding Hik-Connect Apps has raised lots of issues and queries, so here's a quick repository of information which you may find useful. There are a number of explainer videos at HikVision's Technical Support YouTube channel. How to...