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  1. E

    Platform access missing from Network options.

    Hi there, I am trying to connect my DS-7716NI-SP to the internet and under network, the Platform access option is missing. The firmware that I am using is V3.4.3 build 160811. I live in the UK. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers, Epipen
  2. Dan

    How-to: My Hikvision NVR has both HDMI & VGA connections, can I connect two monitors to my NVR?

    This question gets asked a lot and we have always assumed that as the larger Pro NVRs (9600 Series) have 2 x VGA & 2 x HDMI that they were the only models that would support any kind of multi-screen setup. Today we did some tests with a selection of demo NVRs we have in our office to see if it...
  3. A

    iVMS-5200 Mobile Surveillance "error code sms"

    Hello my dear, I'm catching up with iVMS-5200 Mobile Surveillance V1.1.2, I configured the mobile nvr with a 3g chip to be able to have external access, however when trying to view a live image the client ivms accuses an "SMS" error, I checked server ports however they are all open and the...