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hikvision app

  1. Phil

    Hikvision App

    Hikvision's standard App for use with their security cameras and recorders is called Hik-Connect. It is available for both Android and Apple's IOS based mobile devices, from the usual App stores. For Android devices, from the Google Play store here...
  2. J

    Hikvision Notifications has stopped working

    Hi all, I’ve got a Hikvisiom nvr which I’ve had a while now. I think since I’ve updated it to latest firmware I no longer get image previews of what was detected (as can be seen in picture) Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jack
  3. H

    Wifi connection kicking off others.

    Hello, Please excuse that I am not overly technically minded. We have just had Hikvision cameras installed. It is using my home internet but covers a couple of properties so others need to login to it using their phones. Since set up we have found it works reasonably well (a little delay) on...
  4. Phil

    HikVision Hik-Connect - latest HowTo videos

    HikVision Tech Support have just uploaded three new How To videos to their YouTube channel - embedded below. For further information on Hik-Connect, please see this overview thread: https://forum.use-ip.co.uk/threads/hikconnect-in-a-nutshell-how-does-it-work.1519 And this thread collating...