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hikvision app

  1. O

    Ivms 4200 video tutorials

    I have created video tutorials could please let me know any miz takes
  2. Phil

    How-to: How to use Hik-Connect

    Hikvision's standard App for use with their security cameras and recorders is called Hik-Connect. It is available for both Android and Apple's IOS based mobile devices, from the usual App stores. For Android devices, from the Google Play store here...
  3. J

    Hikvision Notifications has stopped working

    Hi all, I’ve got a Hikvisiom nvr which I’ve had a while now. I think since I’ve updated it to latest firmware I no longer get image previews of what was detected (as can be seen in picture) Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jack
  4. H

    Wifi connection kicking off others.

    Hello, Please excuse that I am not overly technically minded. We have just had Hikvision cameras installed. It is using my home internet but covers a couple of properties so others need to login to it using their phones. Since set up we have found it works reasonably well (a little delay) on...
  5. Phil

    How-to: HikVision Hik-Connect - latest HowTo videos

    HikVision Tech Support have just uploaded three new How To videos to their YouTube channel - embedded below. For further information on Hik-Connect, please see this overview thread: https://forum.use-ip.co.uk/threads/hikconnect-in-a-nutshell-how-does-it-work.1519 And this thread collating...