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  1. S

    Renaming HikVision NVR - Last Issue?!

    Hi everyone. Forgive me for my ignorance. Yesterday an engineer installed a 6 camera system and NVR. A pyronix alarm will be added on Saturday. At the moment I am using the ProControl+ app, plus accessing the HIkvision NVR via IE to edit the camera settings. The connection is great and...
  2. A

    HIkVision PTZ Camera with Tracking (is all tracking equal)

    Good afternoon all, I am looking at a HikVision PTZ Camera with Tracking. However after some investigation I have hit stumbling point and I'm hoping someone here can help. I have been looking at the following camera's; DS-2DE4A425IW-DE 4 MP 25× Network IR PTZ Camera DS-2DE5425IW-AE (B) 4 MP...
  3. Dan

    Firmware Latest HikVision Firmware for I-Series NVRs - V4.40.010 build200430

    Hikvision has released new firmware for their I-Series Network Video Recorders. The latest firmware, Version 4.40.010, can be downloaded here. NB - you may need to refresh your browser when viewing the Hikvision portal to see the newly added version at the bottom of the list. The Release Notes...
  4. Dan

    FAQ Is it Possible to get the same Functionality of a Hikvision NVR Accessed with a Direct Monitor when NOT Accessing with a Direct Monitor?

    We recently had a customer ask the below question: "Hi, I have a DS-7608NI-I2 / 8P NVR - I was wondering if there is any way to get similar functionality that you get when directly sat at the NVR; but remotely? I have access to the Hikvision interface via a browser but its missing features like...
  5. N

    Hikvision NVR not working after power outage

    Hi I have a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P 8 Channel NVR, bought in 2016, which the power supply recently failed on. I have replaced the power supply with the same make and model which is working correctly. Now when I boot up the NVR it does not show up on the network and the SADP tool does not find...
  6. M

    NVR & Cam on the same IP network?

    Hi, My CAM are pluged into the NVR (POE) and the CAM are declared on a sub network. Is it possible to have the CAM and the NVR on the same network? Regards Michel
  7. I

    Hik-Connect Stream Settings for 5mp camera

    8 Cameras - DS-2CD2355FWD-I/G - V5.6.3 1 NVR - DS-7616NI-K2/16P - V3.4.16 I had previously had the NVR on V4.1.1 but I realised it was unsupported, and my cameras were not always displaying properly on the monitor and I had to mess around with the stream settings...
  8. A

    Hikvision NVR DS-7608NI 8 channel - "no more IP camera allowed"

    I have installed 2 4k Hikvision cameras that work perfectly I bought a new camera which is active and working on the NVR but when I go to live view it on screen it only shows previous 2 and get an error message "no more IP camera allowed" when I try adding it into the view page but shows up...
  9. E

    DS-7716NI-K4 - V4 Firmware

    Hi there, I have just checked to see if there is any new firmware for my DS-7716NI-K4 / 16P and noticed that the V4 firmware version is no longer available on the UK download site. Link Is there any reason that the V4 version is missing and should I downgrade to the latest version in there...
  10. S

    Better motion detection.

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate some advice. I know that reolink cameras are not thought of highly but for me they do the job, or at least they did. I purchased 2 x 410 5mp cameras for front and back of the house. Pictures are very good, day and night. I have been recording 24/7 onto a...
  11. B

    DS-2CD2385G1-I Record to SD Card and DS-7604NI-K1/4P NVR

    Hi All, Please can someone help me understand whether my SD card is being utilised for recording in parallel to my NVR? I cannot figure this out, the recording to the NVR is definitely working but having installed a 128GB card to the camera I cannot see any options anywhere to check. Any help...
  12. P

    Newbie help needed with choosing a CCTV System

    I'm looking into setting up a CCTV system to monitor the exterior of my house. The neighbours car was recently vandalised during the night so that has spurred me on to get this sorted. 3 cameras should suffice, two to the front and one to the rear (at least for the time being) The front wall of...
  13. AlexOlesh

    Expanding the IPCams - new NVR or 2nd NVR?

    Hello all, I've got the following setup at home: NVR: DS-7604NI-K1(B) CAM1: DS-2CD2385G1-I CAM2: DS-2CD2065G1-I CAM3: DS-2CD2143G0-I Now, there is a need to install another 6 cams. So I am now scratching my head and thinking, whether I should buy a 2nd NVR, smth like DS-7608NI-K2/8P PoE for...
  14. H

    Alteq Firmware - Please HELP!!!!

    Hello all I currently have an Alteq 8 Port NVR and i am trying to find the lastest frmware version. Been searching for ages and cant seem to find a thing on this brand. The idea to update it and default it before I sell the NVR + 4 x 4MP Dome Cameras. If i look on the system the current...
  15. P

    HikVision NVR Crashing

    I have a new HikVision 6 Cam system that works well for about 8 hours, then the NVR crashes loosing all video streams. A hard reboot (unplug/replug) usually brings everything back on line. The Kit is Model EK1-Q82T46 and the NVR is ERI-Q108-P8, purchased in September in USA. The NVR Firmware...
  16. J

    Still receive alerts if internet is maliciously cut

    Hi, I'm pretty new to CCTV, and have narrowed my selection of DVR's down to an NVR (with IP camera) technology for my property. However, probably stupid question but I'm gonna ask it anyway... If I'm out and my internet goes down (e.g. maliciously), then I won't receive any alerts, rendering...
  17. H

    NVR recommendations and retailers for home use?

    So I'm after an entry level, 8 channel NVR to replace my DIY Zoneminder setup. I'm not sure where the recommended places are to buy CCTV equipment for home users would be, nor what I'm really looking for when looking at an NVR I have a few requirements and a few 'nice to haves' Requirements...
  18. S

    What’s the difference between the iDS-7700NXI-I4(/16P)/16S(B) and the iDS-7700NXI-I4(/16P)/X(B)

    I have been thinking about purchasing a Hikvision NVR for quite sometime now and having looked at the various series and models on the Hikvision website I am particularly interested in the DeepinMind Series because I would like to reduce the number of false alarms by utilising the latest smart...
  19. D

    Nvr wont power certain ip cams

    So... upgraded from a 5mpPOC set up to 5 ds-2cd2385G1’s, I have a previous G1 and a auto tracking PTZ that were running via POE switch, Today comes swapped everything over and the NVR wont even power the cameras that have been previously set up via the switch, I have restored these and they...
  20. CanTech

    Milesight VCA with third party cameras.

    I have been looking at the Milesights NVR and their VCA. Do you know if it will work with third party cameras over ONVIF?