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  1. Dan

    Please Read: AcuSense IP Cameras - Improvements made from Generation 1 (G1) to Generation 2 (G2) Models

    Hikvision are always bringing out new and improved products with slightly different product codes, but their documentation doesn't always make it obvious what the improvements are. The most recent example of this is the introduction of the 2nd Generation AcuSense products to replace the 1st gen...
  2. Dan

    Firmware Latest HikVision Firmware for G3 Series cameras - V5.5.130

    Hikvision has released new firmware for their G3 Series IP cameras. The latest firmware, Version 5.5.130, can be downloaded here. For clarification, the G3 Firmware Family is actually firmware for the latest G2 AcuSense models (2xx6G2) NB - you may need to refresh your browser when viewing the...
  3. Phil

    Hikvision False Alarm Filtering with AcuSense and EasyIP 4.0

    Hikvision have today shared this additional detailed information regarding AcuSense. Shared here for its clarification on the maximum of four cameras using false alarm filtering in the NVR: Four ways Hikvision offers state-of-the-art false alarm filter to SMB customers Do SMB...