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  1. S

    Hik-Connect DS-KIS701 “failed to turn the two-way audio on”

    I have installed in my house currently a two-wire video intercom DS-KIS701 and just recently the two-way audio function decided to stop on both mine and my wife’s phone. Nothing has changed apart from hik-connect app updates and iOS updates. Any help if much appreciate.
  2. J

    AcuSense G2 ISU/SL models - 2 Way Audio fixed

    Apologies for the double post. I've reported this on another thread but their issue was related to setup with a K series NVR... Since purchase I was unable to get the 2 way audio working on a DS-2CD2346G2-ISU/SL and DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL model. Selecting the microphone and then selecting IP...
  3. Emma Hedges

    Hikvision Turret Cameras With Built-In Microphones

    Turret cameras with built-in microphones are finally here. This is what we know about the anticipated range of -IU, Hikvision Turret Cameras featuring built-in microphones. Why is a built in microphone useful? Including the ability to record sound as well as video is a great way of adding...
  4. R

    Connecting Audio to Hikvision DS-2CD2563G0-IS 6MP Mini Dome

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has installed this camera before? I bought it recently amongst a few other HIK bits for the house as I wanted something at the front porch that wasn't huge and had the ability to capture audio if required. I assumed that it would be covered on the data side of the...
  5. Dan

    How-to: How To Set Up Live View & Playback Audio on Hikvision Cameras

    There is a small selection of Hikvision cameras that support some sort of audio - audio I/O, built-in mic, 2-way audio - but on multiple occasions, customers have come back to us saying they are getting no audio on live view or playback. So to avoid this problem in the future we are creating...
  6. M

    Hikvision, Audio and Users for GDPR

    Hi All, I’m wondering if anyone has a solution. I’m asking for help as my own tinkering hasn’t given me a solution. We have a hikvision setup with an in-house NvR with its preinstalled software and 16 cams, but for GDPR we do need audio availability only on a per user basis so only one admin...
  7. D

    2 Way audio

    This is my first post here, as I'm desperately searching for answers anywhere I can. I am a professional installer, and I have a client that wants outdoor cameras that handle 2 way audio. I've come across Hikvision's 360 fisheye camera, played around with it, and I was very unimpressed with the...
  8. D

    Gamut equipment and audio issues!

    Hi I wondered if anyone has had a similar issue and found a resolution to my problem. I have an analogue camera and separate mic which is connected wirelessly to a DVR ( I don't need to record). I can access the video and sound online (only through IE) but can't seem to find an app that...