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  1. B

    DS-2CD2385G1-I Record to SD Card and DS-7604NI-K1/4P NVR

    Hi All, Please can someone help me understand whether my SD card is being utilised for recording in parallel to my NVR? I cannot figure this out, the recording to the NVR is definitely working but having installed a 128GB card to the camera I cannot see any options anywhere to check. Any help...
  2. R

    Connecting Audio to Hikvision DS-2CD2563G0-IS 6MP Mini Dome

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has installed this camera before? I bought it recently amongst a few other HIK bits for the house as I wanted something at the front porch that wasn't huge and had the ability to capture audio if required. I assumed that it would be covered on the data side of the...
  3. Dan

    Setting up Live View & Playback Audio on Hikvision Cameras

    There is a small selection of Hikvision cameras that support some sort of audio - audio I/O, built-in mic, 2-way audio - but on multiple occasions, customers have come back to us saying they are getting no audio on live view or playback. So to avoid this problem in the future we are creating...
  4. R

    how is Hikvision AXhub ?

    Hi, I am planning to buy Hikvision AXhub for my home but not much reviews are available online, it would be helpful if any one can share their feedback on AXhub and since it was released more than 1 year ago will they release any new model in upcoming months ?
  5. S

    Hikvision LPR - API integration

    Hello, I need to integrate a dock scheduling software with a hikvision IP camera, so that I whenever a truck arrives at the depot the camera can automatically instruct the gate to open if the truck has an appointment in the dock scheduling software. To accomplish this I'm trying to populate the...
  6. M

    Ethernet camera run over 100m

    Looking for a solution to run a Hikvision camera over ethernet in excess of 100m. Currently have a 2CD2042 operating on a 60m Cat6 cable to a powerline adapter which runs the signal to the house. This isn't an ideal setup and severely limits the bandwidth I can run for the mainstream. I want...
  7. Dan

    Is it Possible to add 3rd-Party Cameras to Hikvision's iVMS-4200 & Hik-connect?

    This is a question that pops up every so often, the simple answer is no. If you are running your Hikvision system from their iVMS-4200 software then it is not possible to add individual 3rd-party cameras to the iVMS software, the only way around this is to add the 3rd-party cameras to a...
  8. Emma Hedges

    Hikvision Launch their first ranges of Secure by Default cameras - What does it mean?

    Hikvision UK and Ireland have announced their first release of cameras that comply with the Secure by Default guidelines. In this post we will discuss what this means and how it affects you and your camera selection. Secure by Default is an initiative backed by the government containing a set...
  9. S

    Hikvision camera not detected

    Hi, I have a Hikvision DS-2CD1240-I IP camera connected to the same network as my PC, using an ethernet cable connected to the pigtail connector of the camera. (Ethernet seems to power the camera) The red lights turn on for about 30 seconds after connecting the ethernet cable to the camera...
  10. M

    Hikvision Doorbell Notifications glitch

    Hi, I have the Hikvision DB-120A-IW 1080p doorbell camera setup correctly to my Hikvision DVR and the Hikvision Hik-Connect App on my iphone. For a long time everything worked fine, including the motion detection and getting a screenshot notification on the app every time somebody came to the...
  11. M

    Novice asking for an opinion on this CCTV System

    Hi All I have been following this wonderful forum for a while now and have finally decided to take the plunge into the CCTV World, with the intention of purchasing for my own home and mother/fathers. My freind has a system he purchased from Amazon, i have seen it and looks nice, however i am...
  12. K

    ANPR camera firmware problem DS-2CD7A26G0

    Installed latest firmware IPCM_H3_EN_STD_5.6.10_190808 on DS-2CD7A26G0 DeepView camera. After that the Export button in Picture download - Vehicle detection section keeps saying Failed to search pictures. Attemt to downgrade firmware fails with: Failed to get the upgrading progress Is there any...
  13. Dan

    How To Export/Backup Recordings from a Hikvision NVR to an External Storage Device

    Most Hikvision users will only ever need to download specific clips from their recordings and these clips will rarely exceed 1 hour of footage, in these cases you can quite easily use the browser or iVMS interfaces to download the clips over your local network. On some occasions though there...
  14. R

    How to enable CORS headers in Hikvision by SDK?

    Hi, I got a stream video CORS issue in Chrome if without using "--disable-web-security" flag. Hence, Have you enabled CORS headers in Hikvision? Do you have any suggestions to fix this CORS issues if without using this flag? Thank you.
  15. J

    Hikvision DS-7208HQHI. No sound when alarm started.

    I added stereo speakers to my Hikvision DS-7208HQHI for alarm purpose. Unfortunately I don’t hear any sound when its fired. I checked manual many times and all settings even restart device but still no progress... Speaker itself works fine. It does make sound when wrong pass typed.
  16. J


    Hi All I've just received my Hikvision DS-7604NI-K1-4P NVR, not setup yet, but seen Hikvision "highly recommend" using a UPS. It's not something i'd heard of before, so started searching online, however there appears to be quite a variety, some of which are quite expensive. I've read that you...
  17. C

    HikVision Camera Logging me out when accessed from a different IP

    Hello! I've been tasked with making the cameras at a business quicker, to do this I've obtained a GSM router. When connecting to the camera through the business internet the camera works fine with a dyndns address, however, when I access from the GSM router it will allow me to log in and...
  18. Dan

    What is the Difference Between Normal, Smart, and Custom(Event) Playback when using a Monitor on a Hikvision NVR?

    Every so often customers have reported issues and confusion around the different playback options on Hikvision NVRs when using a direct monitor, one of the most common issues is users reporting that the event markers for Smart Event are not displaying correctly or at all in the Smart Playback...
  19. Dan

    Is it Possible to Connect a Joystick/Keyboard to a Standalone Hikvision PTZ?

    This question comes up every so often and so we thought we would share the latest information we have on this topic. Traditionally you would connect a joystick/keyboard directly to an NVR to allow you to control multiple cameras and have hotkeys to jump between different live views, but some...
  20. Dan

    Setting up RAID on a 9600 Series Hikvision NVR - “Capacity requires at least 3728.00 GB”

    An update to the 9600 series has just been brought to our attention. If you are setting up any level of RAID above RAID 0 on a 9600 Series NVR that is running firmware v4.1.6xxx or newer then all your HDDs must be at least 4TB, if any of the drives used in your RAID array are less than 4TB you...