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  1. Tara Brown

    Wisenet NVR WebViewer

    Browser compatibility and Live View The online platform used to view your Wisenet NVR online is called WebViewer and it can be used on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Chrome and Firefox can only support the Lite version of WebViewer whereas Internet Explorer can only support the full...
  2. M

    Where to find "open all" (dismiss) to open all cameras for web interface

    Hello! It's almost my first experience with Dahua. I took for test purposes DH-NVR1104-P where all is/was nice, however for my customer I took DHI-NVR4208-8P-4KS2, install cameras, NVR and all looks ok, except when I open web UI there isn't "open all" button at monitoring page to open all...
  3. R

    How to show a custom view as startup default

    Using iMVS-4200. A rather basic question, but I can't see anything in the forum or the Hikvision Help. How do you configure the client iMVS-4200 to start with the custom view that I've created? Currently it comes up with the standard 4 image view and I have to manually select my custom view (6...