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m-sight pro

  1. Dan

    M-Sight Pro App Update Released to Fix Playback Issue

    Some Milesight users have reported issues playing back footage from their NVRs (that are on the latest 7x.8.45.7 firmware) using the M-Sight Pro app, we tested this problem in our office with our UI- and MS- NVRs (UI- are our UK specific product codes) and found out that the problem was only...
  2. Dan

    How-to: How do I add a Milesight camera or NVR to the M-Sight Pro app in 11 easy steps?

    Here's how to add & view Milesight cameras on the M-Sight Pro app using P2P, in easy to follow steps: Step 1: Download the M-sight Pro app to your mobile device (available for both Android & iOS). Step 2: Login to the camera, using Internet Explorer on a PC or Safari on your Mac, and go to...