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motion detection

  1. C

    Continuous recording along with motion detection

    Hi Yesterday, in my work I saw, that nvr can record continuously with green "tics" or tags or whatever on timeline ( when something move). I found some topics on internet, but nothing (like video) about how to set it Up. Another queetion is, will This "marks" be visible in web browser or even...
  2. S

    Better motion detection.

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate some advice. I know that reolink cameras are not thought of highly but for me they do the job, or at least they did. I purchased 2 x 410 5mp cameras for front and back of the house. Pictures are very good, day and night. I have been recording 24/7 onto a...
  3. J

    Uniview NVR

    Hi, I have a uniview NVR the NVR208-16S and 12 cameras all the IPC3612ER3-PF28 I have noticed a problem with the motion detection, when recording it detects motion and begins to record for approximately several seconds. It then stops recording while motion is still occurring, and only resumes...
  4. S

    Motion detection

    Any hints on getting motion detection to work effectively? I've got an NVR (4 port K series) with 2 cameras. I've tried to set up motion detection, and initially got a continuous stream of events, which appear to be leaves on a bush... I've backed the sensitivity way down, and now I'm not...
  5. G

    Hikvision NVR DS-7116-SN/P - troubles with configuration

    Hey guys, I've bought an Hikvision NVR DS-7116NI-SN/P, with firmware V2.3.6 build 131120. After many hours, I've succeeded to configure the EMail, and EMail test is going great and sending me emails. I've tried to configure motion alarms by Emails, and to attach an HDD and failed with both of...
  6. Kieran

    Enable / Disable Motion Detection with iVMS 4500

    Enable / Disable Motion Detection with iVMS 4500 In case this slipped you by, Hikvision recently introduced a frequently requested feature with their iVMS 4500 4.4.0 update, which is the ability to configure a connected device remotely and enable / disable motion detection via a mobile device...
  7. D

    DS-2CD2332-I motion detection but no ftp transfer

    I have configured a DS-2CD2332-I for ftp transfer. I can see motion detection but nothing ends up in the ftp folder. I have done the FTP test and a test file is created. So ftp is working. I can capture and video, the files are transferred, but somehow motion detection, line crossing, and...