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  1. J

    HikConnect cameras just loading, stuck at 50%-60%

    Hey guys, So not sure what happened but my cameras on my Android app aren't loading anymore. They're just stuck at 50-60% but nothing happens after, both in Live View and Remote Playback. I can just access the cameras via my local web browser GUI though, and all seems fine except when I'm...
  2. J

    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect app Event Notifications Stopped

    Hi all as you can see from the title ** Hik-Connect app Event Notifications Stopped ** Long story short...I have a DS7608NII28P NVR with 5 cameras, 1- 8mp turret, 1- 4mp mini dome and 3- 3mp turrets, all been working fine for weeks but I noticed on my iPhone and 2 iPads that the last event...
  3. M

    Hikvision, Audio and Users for GDPR

    Hi All, I’m wondering if anyone has a solution. I’m asking for help as my own tinkering hasn’t given me a solution. We have a hikvision setup with an in-house NvR with its preinstalled software and 16 cams, but for GDPR we do need audio availability only on a per user basis so only one admin...
  4. Dan

    How-to: How do I add a Milesight camera or NVR to the M-Sight Pro app in 11 easy steps?

    Here's how to add & view Milesight cameras on the M-Sight Pro app using P2P, in easy to follow steps: Step 1: Download the M-sight Pro app to your mobile device (available for both Android & iOS). Step 2: Login to the camera, using Internet Explorer on a PC or Safari on your Mac, and go to...
  5. WebDev

    Best mobile App

    There's an app called Hik-Connect and one called iVMS-4500 too Both are on the iOS App store and both work with my cube 4MP camera. Just wondered what the difference was and which one is more fully featured?
  6. J

    Connection failure - setup error or faulty camera

    I have just purchased a new HIKVISION DS-2CD2142FWD-I. It is being powered by a NETGEAR GS308P (Gigabit ethernet switch) I have run iVMS-4200 (on my mac) and entered a new password for the camera. It shows up as ‘Activity’ under safe status. I have also added he camera to my HiK Connect App -...
  7. D

    Gamut equipment and audio issues!

    Hi I wondered if anyone has had a similar issue and found a resolution to my problem. I have an analogue camera and separate mic which is connected wirelessly to a DVR ( I don't need to record). I can access the video and sound online (only through IE) but can't seem to find an app that...