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ax pro

  1. O

    AX-Pro Magnet Sensor Issues

    Hi I have installed an AX Pro DS-PWA96-M-WE installed for a client. Initially working fine, but recently there has been an issue with the magnet/shock sensor on the front door no triggering when the door is open. Doesn't happen every time, but if door been closed for some time, when the door...
  2. W

    Ax Pro not connecting to internet

    Last week i bought a Hikvision Ax Pro M packet. Was all working fine with all sensors etc connected to the wifi. I connected the ethernet cable to the Ax Pro and now it is not connection any more to the internet. It disappeared from my Hik-proconnect and Hik-connect. Tried to excess it with the...
  3. Phil

    Hikvision AX PRO Wireless Series - New Generation Alarm System - Intrusion and Video, Refocused

    This looks interesting, it is the first I have seen of it: