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  1. johnkimon

    Can someone identify this CCTV camera?

    Hello all A neighbour has installed a CCTV camera at the rear of his house. This has upset other neighbours who claim it overlooks their patios and gardens. He is adamant that it can only capture his garden and not anyone else's. I've attached images of his camera, which I believe is this...
  2. Emma Hedges

    Hikvision Turret Cameras With Built-In Microphones

    Turret cameras with built-in microphones are finally here. This is what we know about the anticipated range of -IU, Hikvision Turret Cameras featuring built-in microphones. Why is a built in microphone useful? Including the ability to record sound as well as video is a great way of adding...
  3. Dan

    How-to: How To Set Up Live View & Playback Audio on Hikvision Cameras

    There is a small selection of Hikvision cameras that support some sort of audio - audio I/O, built-in mic, 2-way audio - but on multiple occasions, customers have come back to us saying they are getting no audio on live view or playback. So to avoid this problem in the future we are creating...
  4. A


    Hi! I'm looking at the following setup (diagram attached): 1. POE Camera 2. External microphone attached to POE Camera to capture audio from a group discussion 3. POE Camera to be connected to a headphone amplifier distribution, which is then connected to 10 headphones, for live listening to...
  5. D

    2 Way audio

    This is my first post here, as I'm desperately searching for answers anywhere I can. I am a professional installer, and I have a client that wants outdoor cameras that handle 2 way audio. I've come across Hikvision's 360 fisheye camera, played around with it, and I was very unimpressed with the...
  6. Kieran

    Testing microphones with Hikvision cameras

    Testing microphones with Hikvision cameras A frequent question we get asked regarding Hikvision cameras is how to wire an external microphone to the camera as well as what microphone to use in the first place. The latter is a very broad question, and depends largely on the user's own...