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  1. M

    NVR & Cam on the same IP network?

    Hi, My CAM are pluged into the NVR (POE) and the CAM are declared on a sub network. Is it possible to have the CAM and the NVR on the same network? Regards Michel
  2. J

    Cctv advice needed please

    Hi all, Not got someone to bounce the idea of the layout or what cameras to get, so any advice will be great. So this the layout of the house and what I was thinking of setup. The cctv box is a hikvision 32 channel which i already have. Garage Put coax cameras close to box House Link the...
  3. macman

    POE without NVR

    Could you please explain to a newbie why he needs an NVR, assuming he has plenty of disk space elsewhere? To my idiot's eye, they must increase the live video lag by adding an extra layer of processing, and they make a noise. What camera or network functions do I lose by connecting directly to...
  4. A

    Hilook DVR Ip Address Issue. Help me Please

    Hello Recently I set up a Hilook Dvr in a factory, and they are running smoothly on my system. now install an android app and play them on my Andriod but the issue is that they are playing on Andriod when my mobile is connected to the same IP address as the DVR connected. but when I connect my...
  5. M

    How to format a microSD card on Hikvision IP cameras that are already set up?

    Hello and thanks for reading :D Is it possible to format the SD cards with the NVR? The cameras are all plugged in directly with POE and all work perfectly with the app etc, but none of the cameras show up in the SADP tool, nor on the browser (apart from camera management). If I go to storage...
  6. 0

    Cameras behaving strangely!!!

    New to the forum so mods please move this to the appropriate location. Anyways, I work in the IT dept for a technical school. I am having issues with three ACTi model B59 cameras. These are indoor 360 IP cameras. The issue is that the cameras will lose network connectivity and never recover. The...
  7. P

    Powerline adapters

    Does anyone have any experience using these with their IP cameras ? I've been using them round my house and office which is adjacent to the house as a replacement for wireless and they are vastly superior to wireless performance and so far I'm greatly impressed. I need to do some renovation on...