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  1. Petrus

    HikVision DS2CD2145FWD-IS failing to Connect to LAN

    Hi all, I've recently bought a Hikvision DS2CD2145FWD-IS dome camera (from Avico.pro) and have been trying to get it setup and connected to our LAN. However, I'm having trouble doing so, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I've followed the initial steps, have it connected to a...
  2. Samstar85

    Initialisation failure only when secured to mount - hikvision ds-2de4a220iw-de

    After powering up, as expected the camera pans, then tilts, then moves to home position and sets, activating surveillance mode. As soon as this is done when the camera is on the mount, the camera seems to think the home location is on the opposite side, hits the farthest tip back point and...
  3. Kieran

    How-to: How do I set up Hikvision DDNS?

    How to set up Hikvision DDNS Please see our Hikvision Tutorial Megathread for further help with Hikvision systems. Many people who purchase IP cameras like the ability to view the camera via the internet from wherever they are, but for many people who have a dynamic IP assigned by their ISP...