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  1. A

    Using Hikvision SDK

    Hi, I am new in video surveillance. I am working on a project where I want to use the Hikvision camera to capture and uniquely identify the registration number plate of the vehicle. Further to this, I would like my system to calculate the average speed of vehicles based on the time taken for...
  2. A

    ANPR & iVMS 4200

    Hi, I want to install a simple ANPR systems to log all vehicles passing a point on a road. What is needed are number plate images and a short videos of each vehicle that passes the point. This is for a community project where funds are limited and so trying to get the least expensive solution...
  3. I


    Hi Hope someone can help me out here I Recently installed a HIKVISION SMART ANPR CAMERA 8-32MM to my hikvision nvr . I have it mounted before an entrance at about 50-60ft height and 15-20ft from where I am trying to capture reg plates . It works really well during the day capturing reg plates...
  4. A

    Special Entry Exit ANPR pls help

    Hello allow, great community! Can anyone please help us on my specific requirement I need to know which cameras/ system to use for this. 1. Location is a Car repair garage 2. One Entry Barrier & One Exit Barrier 3. Once a car is allowed to enter, an operator need to input the plate number...
  5. D

    ANPR Behind Gate

    Hi All I have the DS-2CD4A25FWD-IZS set up as an ANPR, Currently, it is being tested in a Private Garage, The entrance to the Garage is a barred Gate behind which the Camera is Mounted. Due to this, I am getting multiple incorrect plates (roughly 3 incorrect then the 4th correct) whilst the...
  6. Kieran

    Hikvision iVMS 5200 Software

    Hikvision iVMS 5200 Professional Software In the last few years, Hikvision have been extremely popular in the residential and small-medium sized business sectors. Their cameras and NVRs are very cost-effective, and the basic iVMS 4200 desktop software and iVMS 4500 mobile apps are bundled in...