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  1. C

    Dreaded boot-loop after updating firmware, any way to fix?

    I updated a few ANPR cameras model DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS (H3 firmware) to V5.6.11 200609 from here. All cameras took the firmware fine except one camera now is seemingly boot-looping ever since the attempted update. I can see it come and go on the network, a couple of times I have even got a web...
  2. C

    Can cameras access internet when using NVR PoE ports/virtual host?

    Can cameras be setup to access the internet when using NVR PoE ports and the NVR with "virtual host" enabled? I usually use NVR with a separate PoE switch or switches, so my ANPR cameras are setup to FTP images to a remote server and all works well - they can access the internet. But now I...
  3. tul1

    Enable ANPR in ids-tcm403-ai

    Hello Gurus, I'm trying to setup and use the ANPR feature of the Hikvision camera iDS-TCM403-AI following the document attached. Unfortunately, I'm got stuck in step 2 of "Calling Flow of configuring ANPR Alarm". Whenever I try calling this request PUT...
  4. D

    How do I link my NVR To an electric barrier and open it via the alarm output?

    Morning We have an electric Barrier that controls access to our car park. Currently, this is done via a Paxton card reader. I am looking at adding ANPR to this. I know that there is a way to link a single ANPR camera to a Paxton controller but wondered if anyone had set on up via ANPR and...
  5. D

    Firmware DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS Confusing Firmware

    Morning I Have 2 DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS they are both showing firmware version 5.6.11 yet I have found 2 possible links to ANPR firmware but neither one is this high...
  6. Dan

    FAQ Can I Add 4A26/P and 7A26/P ANPR Cameras to Hik-Connect & Can I Send ANPR Notifications to the Hik-Connect App?

    We had a customer with the below problem: 1) With regard to the new ANPR camera (7A26/P) - that one is connected via the NVR that I bought at the same time. I'm afraid updating the firmware for both has not fixed the problem. I am still getting other smart event notifications (eg line...
  7. W

    Brain Picking lol, IP on BNC system

    Afternoon All, Sorry in advance if this has been asked before but i couldn’t find it. I currently have a 4 channel BNC ANPR system and have been given an IP camera and I was wondering if I can connect it to one of the BNC sockets and use it via one of the channels? Thanks in advance, Paul
  8. K

    ANPR camera firmware problem DS-2CD7A26G0

    Installed latest firmware IPCM_H3_EN_STD_5.6.10_190808 on DS-2CD7A26G0 DeepView camera. After that the Export button in Picture download - Vehicle detection section keeps saying Failed to search pictures. Attemt to downgrade firmware fails with: Failed to get the upgrading progress Is there any...
  9. A

    ANPR & iVMS 4200

    Hi, I want to install a simple ANPR systems to log all vehicles passing a point on a road. What is needed are number plate images and a short videos of each vehicle that passes the point. This is for a community project where funds are limited and so trying to get the least expensive solution...
  10. I


    Hi Hope someone can help me out here I Recently installed a HIKVISION SMART ANPR CAMERA 8-32MM to my hikvision nvr . I have it mounted before an entrance at about 50-60ft height and 15-20ft from where I am trying to capture reg plates . It works really well during the day capturing reg plates...
  11. A

    Special Entry Exit ANPR pls help

    Hello allow, great community! Can anyone please help us on my specific requirement I need to know which cameras/ system to use for this. 1. Location is a Car repair garage 2. One Entry Barrier & One Exit Barrier 3. Once a car is allowed to enter, an operator need to input the plate number...
  12. D

    ANPR Behind Gate

    Hi All I have the DS-2CD4A25FWD-IZS set up as an ANPR, Currently, it is being tested in a Private Garage, The entrance to the Garage is a barred Gate behind which the Camera is Mounted. Due to this, I am getting multiple incorrect plates (roughly 3 incorrect then the 4th correct) whilst the...
  13. Kieran

    Hikvision iVMS 5200 Software

    Hikvision iVMS 5200 Professional Software In the last few years, Hikvision have been extremely popular in the residential and small-medium sized business sectors. Their cameras and NVRs are very cost-effective, and the basic iVMS 4200 desktop software and iVMS 4500 mobile apps are bundled in...