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hikvision nvr

  1. L

    Network unreachable - Axis 241S on Hikvision NVR

    Hopefully this isn't a duplicate - my first post disappeared after I edited it. I have a Hikvision HIKVISION DS-7604NI-K1-4P NVR and a HIKVISION DS-2DF8836IX-AEL Dome camera working well but I need to add an analogue BNC camera connected through an Axis 241S Video Server but I cannot get the...
  2. S

    DS-9632NI-I8/V4.22(Just upgraded) USB Ports do not recognize USB Stick

    Hello, New to the forum world. Just recently upgraded the HikVision NVR DS-9632NI-I8 to 4.22 and the USB ports are not recognizing the USB Stick and a message pops up with "Current external storage device does not exist or is damaged. " The client is using a 16GB USB stick. The USB ports were...
  3. G

    audio codecs compatibility issue!

    I have three PTZ optics cam with an audio codec (AAC), and a Hikvision NVR that can recognize on G711, G722.. etc. The recorded audio has clippings and noise. I figured out that it is because of this issue. I am thinking of using the 2 way audio input on the back of the NVR to feed in the audio...
  4. Dan

    How-to: How to Add Optio Cameras to a Hikvision NVR

    Optio as a range is designed and works best as a complete system, but some users out there will already have systems from other manufacturers and might just be looking for a cheaper option of adding one or more cameras to their existing system. In this post, we will take you through both methods...
  5. spazz27

    iVMS-4200 & NVR Live View with HikVision Fisheye Cameras and substream channels

    Hello, I've set up a Hikvision NVR with about 8 cameras. Of which, a couple are Fisheye cameras. Everything works except there is a strange bug I can't figure out: When it comes to the Fisheye cameras, within the NVR Camera Management window, I have changed the channel of the Fisheye Camera...
  6. H

    Wifi connection kicking off others.

    Hello, Please excuse that I am not overly technically minded. We have just had Hikvision cameras installed. It is using my home internet but covers a couple of properties so others need to login to it using their phones. Since set up we have found it works reasonably well (a little delay) on...
  7. T

    No audio on my hikvision nvr using the audio in rca input

    I have been trying to get sound working on my new hikvision nvr . I purchased a mic which connects to the rca audio in at the back of the nvr ,the mic receives it power via a power adaptor but I get no sound I did connect the mic directly to the TV to test and it works fine . Do I have to turn...
  8. B

    Missing attachments for email notifications Hikvision DS-7716N-E4/16P

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on an issue I am having with the above NVR. I have managed to receive alert and event notifications over email such as motion detect etc. The problem I am having is I am not getting screenshots or attachments of the event. Under configuration...