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  1. Phil

    HikVision Firmware updates - backdoor exploit fully disclosed

    It is very important to keep your camera and/or NVR firmware up-to-date. The below link leads to a recent full disclosure of a weakness found in the firmware of HikVision devices. The weakness was shared with HikVision back in March 2017. HikVision released new firmware to resolve the issue...
  2. T

    Hikvision Replacement Cameras

    I must say, I'm more than a little surprised to see Use-IP sell the Samsung IP camera range as a possible replacement to Hikvision devices. In my experience, Samsung has just never made decent security cameras that can, in any way, be called of commercial quality; I include in that, 'high-end'...
  3. X

    The server is exception. Operation failed.

    trying to connect my hikvision dvr to the internet, wasn't able to enable DDNS, received error message: The server is exception. Operation failed. can anyone help??
  4. Phil

    HikVision's 'new global strategy' #NoHikeyNoLikey

    Please read my letter on developments enforced by HikVision today: HikVision End of Supply 4-8-17 #NoHikeyNoLikey If you are affected by this, there are some contact details for HikVision in the UK at the end of the letter - we would be grateful for you making your thoughts known to them. Of...
  5. WebDev

    Substitute 5v adapter for 12v on Hikvision (safe?)

    Hi guys I purchased this Hikvision cube camera last week not realising it doesn't come with a power supply. Is it safe enough to use an existing 5V adapter I have for a D-Link in the absence of the 12V the Hikvision says it required. The 5V fits and works perfect but I didn't want to leave it...
  6. D

    HIKVision DS-2CD2042WD Read camera status

    Hi I have an application where I am running custom Linux code that grabs images and processes them. I need to be able to discard images where the ambient light level is too low to produce reasonable quality images. With previous cameras I have done this by measuring the brightness of the...
  7. Samstar85

    Initialisation failure only when secured to mount - hikvision ds-2de4a220iw-de

    After powering up, as expected the camera pans, then tilts, then moves to home position and sets, activating surveillance mode. As soon as this is done when the camera is on the mount, the camera seems to think the home location is on the opposite side, hits the farthest tip back point and...
  8. G

    unable to login to hikvision webUI/Timetsamp incorrect

    Hi all i have had a HIKvision system setup for about a year now, and everything has been running great, i have remote viewing setup (via ivms phone apps) and everything seems to be running smoothly, how ever i noticed the time is out by approx +2 hours , reading some threads on here regarding...
  9. D

    PoE switch for Hikvision DS-2DE5184-AE

    Hello forum, I have a few PoE devices (phone, panasonic cctv and Hikvision DS-2DE5184-AE outdoor PTZ IP). I would like to drive them all with a single PoE switch. I've tried two different PoE switches that had sufficient power (30W / port) but they are not registering the Hikvision. Is this...
  10. M

    Can I view Hikvison DS 2CD2342WD 1 4MP WDR remotely on iPAD?

    I can see the camera on the iMac through iVMS4200 and also in the Safari browser (with plug in from Hikvision site). I downloaded the mobile app iVMS 4500 HD and it won't access the camera when I am somewhere else. I also tried access it through Safari on the iPad and nothing happening there...
  11. W

    Remote Playback of recordings on iVMS4200 Storage Server

    Hi! I have been going round in circles and hope someone can highlight where I might have made a misconfiguration. I have iVMS4200 running on a server, which installed v1.2.1 of the Storage server component. Cameras are recording to the storage server and I can playback the recordings...
  12. M

    MacOS Is Hikvision compatible with Mac?

    I have a Hikvision Outdoor IP DS 2CD2342WD-1 physically set up. However after almost 3 weeks, 40 + hours and two network engineers later I still can't see it online or through the IVMS- 4200 software. If I understand it correctly it appears now that I may get to see the camera if I use some...
  13. Morpheus78

    DS-2CD2410F-IW alarm with SD card Inserted

    Hey everyone, I have 3 new DS-2CD2410F-IW cameras which I have set up on my network. My problem with 2 of the new cameras is that when I install a SanDisk or KingStone 64 GB SDXC or 32 GB SDHC, the audible alarm runs continuously and won't shut off until I remove the card. I have disabled all...
  14. A

    Compatible ip cameras with EZVIZ NVR

    I got an EZVIZ NVR PoE ip camera setup 8ch/4cameras 1080p. I need to add 2 more cameras but yhe EZVIZ options are overpriced. I noticed that HikVision cameras are cheaper. Will they work with my setup? Will the 3k option work with my system?
  15. D

    HikVision Firmware Update via SD Card

    I have a Hikvision camera that went bad when doing a firmware update. It appeared to go OK and asked to be rebooted but since reboot it does not get an IP address, I can see it has an IP6 address and Mac address but no way to access it. I tried HikVision SADP tool but it does not see it...
  16. J

    No Virtual Host setting to choose from.

    Good evening, I have just purchased a new NVR and mini bullet camera. - DS-7604NI-K1-4P - DS-2CD2042WS-I 4MM I'm aware of the virtual host option as the best way to access the camera directly for the extra settings however to my dismay, I am left with nothing to select from and there is no...
  17. D

    HIK vision - Camera image does not show over web preview

    Hello, I have HIK VISION DVR - DS-7208HFHI-ST, Firmware version: V3.0.1 build 150429 On my computer I got all cameras working by using ivms 4200 software. When i try to access dvr over web via Ip address, I can enter dvr but cameras does not show. Message I receive is live view failed...
  18. P

    EZVIZ: 3 identical domes Hikvision connected, 1 without view?

    Hello, I bought 3 identical Hikvision domes type DS-2CD2110F-I. After activating them, I can see the live view of all three camera's accessing the webbrowser (internet explorer) I also connected them with EZVIZ . I can access and change settings of all 3 both in app as on their site. But I can...
  19. Manfred

    Hikvision NVR 7604 Movement Recording

    Hello. Thanks to the help of this forum I managed to get some problems I have with the installation already solved. So glad I found this forum. I still have some problems with the email settings, but am afraid to make an update as this is a Chinese version unfortunately. But for now I have...
  20. Kieran

    Hikvision camera failure - the most common cause

    Hikvision camera failure - the most common cause Having been an official Hikvision UK partner for a few years now, we've seen our fair share of Hikvision camera failures. It's inevitable with any electronic device of course, but we've seen the same failure with Hikvision cameras time and time...