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  1. B

    Firmware DS-2CD2532F-IWS

    Could anyone please guide me to the download for the latest firmware for mini dome Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IWS? Thanks.
  2. B

    [help] HIKVISON how to divide the recording files every 10 minutes?

    i have HIKvision DS-2CD2120F-I(W) how to divide the recording files every 10 minutes?
  3. E

    SMTP issue - DS-7716N-E4/16P

    I seem to have som weird issue with my network. In the end of July I stopped getting notification emails. I had a 7108 NVR then but upgraded to a 7716 last week. I cannot get the email notification to work. Even called my ISP to check if they blocked me or something. I do NOT use google gmail...
  4. T

    how to Play videos stored on HIKVISION NVR by VLC ?

    I have Hikvision NVR. Model no. : DS-9632NI-ST And it is recording and storing camera footage. So what is want to do is, to play videos (from a specified time) stored on this NVR through VLC Player on a Linux computer which is in the same network as NVR. Though I can play these videos by...
  5. J

    upgrade path for DS-2CD2132-I

    Hello, I've got a DS-2CD2132-I which is running firmware V5.0.2 130805. I'd like to upgrade it to the latest version but wanted to check if I can go straight to V5.4.0 or if I have to go through other updates. Any advice and links to files that I'd need would be very appreciated. Cheers, Johnny
  6. H

    Hikvision - Firmware failed

    Hi Please can you help, i tried to update the firmware on my hikvision NVR (DS-7608N-E2/8P) due to the gmail SSL issue. Everything was going well until the device failed to restart. i now get 15 bleeps, The nvr was purchased via ebay (china) looks like i applied the wrong firmware. Please...
  7. M

    I have a problem with the rotate function on the HIKVISION cameras...

    Hello. So i just bought those hikvision cameras. Some of them has to be rotatet so that the picture looks right, and not sideways. But when i turn this rotate button on the picture looks very bad... I have attached some pictures, with and without rotate. So does anyone know why this is...
  8. Kieran

    How-to: How do I fix a Hikvision camera factory resetting when it reboots?

    How to fix a Hikvision camera factory resetting whenever it reboots In the last couple of years, we've seen a long-standing issue with a very small number of Hikvision cameras which causes them to completely factory reset and lose any configurations you might have set whenever they're rebooted...
  9. Kieran

    [SOLVED] Hikvision Gmail Failure

    Hikvision Gmail Failure As mentioned in previous threads about this issue, Google have recently begun to discontinue support for SSL encryption within Gmail, citing security concerns as the reason for their deprecation. You can read more about their reasoning here. This has greatly affected...
  10. Kieran

    Hikvision 4K Cameras

    Hikvision 4K Cameras If you've been keeping up with technology much the last couple of years, you'll have heard the term 4K resolution or UHD mentioned a lot, with a great deal of excitement. The previous "full-HD" standard of 1920x1080 (more commonly known as 1080p) is being superseded by 4K...
  11. Kieran

    [FAQ] Is there a way to hide the "No Link" message shown on unused NVR channels?

    Is there a way to hide the "No Link" message shown on unused NVR Channels? Q: Hi, when I have 10 cameras connected to a DS-7716NI-I4-16P and when I view the 4x4 multi-view I see 6 black boxes showing "No Link" in the centre, obviously because I'm not using those channels at the moment. Is...
  12. Kieran

    [FAQ] Can I mount a Hikvision dome or turret to a vertical wall?

    Can I mount a Hikvision dome or turret to a vertical wall? Q: I want to buy a Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I dome camera [or a Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I turret camera] but I have a question I wonder if you can help with? I want to mount this camera directly to a vertical wall of my house. Is this...
  13. R

    Push notification with Smart Events NVR DS-76xx series

    Hi all, I'm experiencing an issue to set-up push notification with smarts events using nvr ds-7608 8poe and 4 cameras DS-2CD2032-I. I have tried Local connection ( nvr and mobile in the same network ) ,external IP ( all nvr's ports forwarded on the router ) ddns ( hikvision ddns) and cloud (...
  14. Kieran

    MacOS [Mac] Hikvision Plugin for Mac OS

    Hikvision Plugin for Mac OS All IP cameras require a plugin to display their video stream in a web browser, and normally this poses no issue. The browser and camera will prompt you automatically to download and install the plugin when you try and view a live feed or, if you already have done...
  15. S

    Hikvision Camera in Delphi

    hi, i recently obtained a hikvision camera and i am trying to figure out how to use it in delphi. how exactly can i make a program in delphi to see what the camera is seeing and take snapshots. i have been working on this pretty much non stop now for over a week and havent seemed to progress at...
  16. Kieran

    MacOS How Do I Activate and View a Hikvision Camera on a Mac?

    How to Activate and View a Hikvision Camera on a Mac Typically, support for surveillance cameras on a Mac is quite limited. Many manufacturers limit their camera's plugins to only work with Internet Explorer, and video management software is often not developed for or compatible with Mac OS. In...
  17. Kieran

    Hikvision 4K -I Series NVRs

    The New Hikvision -I Series of NVRs Hikvision have recently released their new -I series of NVRs into the UK market, and we're currently receiving stock and testing the new kit ourselves. With 4K cameras looming on the horizon, many surveillance manufacturers are having to gear up in...
  18. Kieran

    How-to: How do I set up Hikvision's EZVIZ service?

    How to set up Hikvision's EZVIZ service Please see our Hikvision Tutorial Megathread for further help with Hikvision systems. We are asked occasionally about a service Hikvision provide that is rapidly growing called EZVIZ so we wanted to offer some clarity on both what it does and how to set...
  19. Kieran

    How-to: How do I set up Hikvision DDNS?

    How to set up Hikvision DDNS Please see our Hikvision Tutorial Megathread for further help with Hikvision systems. Many people who purchase IP cameras like the ability to view the camera via the internet from wherever they are, but for many people who have a dynamic IP assigned by their ISP...
  20. Kieran

    Testing microphones with Hikvision cameras

    Testing microphones with Hikvision cameras A frequent question we get asked regarding Hikvision cameras is how to wire an external microphone to the camera as well as what microphone to use in the first place. The latter is a very broad question, and depends largely on the user's own...