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Please update your firmware to the latest available version

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Hi @TonkaTruck

See my response in the below forum thread, the latest firmware for your model is v4.25.000



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I also have DS-7208HUHI-K1
I realise now the push here for people to upgrade their systems is especially critical due to a vulnerability of older firmware and systems being hacked.
I do not connect my NDVR to Internet or Ethernet and therefore do not have the risk of being hacked.
Following the advice here I upgraded my firmware on a couple of occasions now only to find the functionality of showing events in the time bar does not function the same and have downgraded back down to V4.20.001 build 190430 from the Europe Portal

Go to
Portal EU
Technical Materials
00 Product Firmware
[Turbo 4.0]
V4.20.001 build 190430

I personally find the advantages of using this version far outweighs any benefit of upgrading as it makes the job find and tracking events that have unfolded or reviewing footage much easier and less time consumung in normal view without any faffing about in custom search and the antics it throws at you. I have tried getting used to custom search in later versions over the past week but it is way too time consuming to find anything and I have missed a lot of events because of this.

The main attraction of this particular version for me is that it shows in playback, in normal mode, all the events of all displayed cameras in red on the bottom line, and events for selected camera on the top line.

Note that if you downgrade from a higher version to this version, you will not see events prior to your downgrade in this manner and have to wait for new recordings and events before it is shown in the way I describe.
This article (about NVR's not DVR's) is a very good description of how it works except it states Normal Playback you will not see the event markers (which it does)

What is the Difference Between Normal, Smart, and Custom(Event) Playback when using a Monitor on a Hikvision NVR?

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