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    Hikvision DS7216HWI-SH DVR Boot issues

    I have been trying to sort out boot issues on the above DVR, which I got hold of to try and fix. I've never had it working although it has worked well in the past. It boots to the Hikvision "Embedded Net DVR" splash screen then the monitor states that it "cannot display this video mode". Then...
  2. N

    Sd Card and ftp?

    I have the facility to fit an SD card to my Hikvision camera. What I can't seem to find is any information which confirms one way or another if you can schedule timed snapshots to ftp (which I'm doing at the moment), but also to duplicate those samu files on the SD card. If anyone can confirm...
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    FTP - IP Camera Image

    Hi all, I have a Davis weather station which has been running for years now,and publishes its readings to my webpage. On the webpage I have a web cam image showing current conditions, which uploads on a regular schedule by a program called 'Yawcam'. I have now replaced the webcam with an...
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    Upload to FTP issues

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix my FTP issue? I can't get the camera to send anything other than the test file to my FTP folder. I've tried simple motion detection snapshots as well as ANPR. Nothing is being sent to my FTP folder. > I have selected...
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    DS-2CV2Q21FD-IW (FW 5.4.4. 170210) trouble with alarmphotos and FTP

    Dear all, I need help with my new DS-2CV2Q21FD-IW (FW 5.4.4. build 170210) -the camera does not send alarmphotos to my FTP-webspace :-/ AA: The FTP config was done, FTP activated, saved, tested-->the testfile was created on the FTP-server. BB: timesetup and areasetup performed, activated...
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    DS-2CD2332-I motion detection but no ftp transfer

    I have configured a DS-2CD2332-I for ftp transfer. I can see motion detection but nothing ends up in the ftp folder. I have done the FTP test and a test file is created. So ftp is working. I can capture and video, the files are transferred, but somehow motion detection, line crossing, and...