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New DS-KV6113 intercom/doorbell system spotted - feed back and issue


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Dear forum members,

I also bought the DS-KV6113.
Earlier I bought some bullet cameras of the type ds-kv2085G1-i and became so enthusiastic about the many possibilities that it was decided to stay with that brand.

My wishes were/are: wired network, power supply 12 Volt, motion detection with recordings on own SD card so that my network is not unnecessarily burdened and simply receive a signal in the home when the doorbell rings. I do not use a mobile phone.
Since there is no switched output to control an existing bell, it was recommended to order an indoor monitor (DS-KH6320-WTE1).

Then came one disappointment after another:
The micro-SD card was once described on the Hikvision website as 128GB but elsewhere (also at Hikvision) as 32GB. I can live with that.
The real disappointment came when the micro-SD card was not mentioned anywhere in the camera's menu.
So you can indicate exactly the area of motion detection and possibly even an alarm will arise, but the micro-SD card remains completely unnamed.

As a test, I placed a 64 GB micro-SD card in the bell camera. And guess what? The format is automatically changed to 32 GB and the card is immediately filled with definition files in format .PIC and .MP4. By definition files I mean reserved files with no content, after all, that 32 GB is "dirty" in seconds. Even after a long time it appears that no file ever contains data. Motion detection apparently has nothing to do with motion picture recording.

As it looks now, this is of no use to. My goal was to stealthily monitor the area around the front door while the device would function as a simple doorbell.

As it looks now, people who ring the doorbell hear the sound of a ringing phone and the only image I see is the momentary picture that the indoor monitor DS-KH6320 provides.

I look forward to your experience.
Warning: my English is such that I let everything go via Google translate.


Thuur (Netherlands)
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I couldn't work out if you are complaining about the lack of SD card recording functionality in the indoor station or the bullet cameras but even the latest "2nd generation" video intercom from Hikvision, the DS-KD8003-IME1, is a useless surveillance device. And Hikvision take great care not to explain in their documentation that video alert recordings aren't possible to the SD card in the indoor station. I would go so far as to call it a scam.

However, if you leave the iVMS-4200 app open on your PC and manually start video recording from the live view then you will end up with 24/7 footage from your door station saved to your hard drive - albeit without any motion alert flags.


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Thank you for your response.

I have absolutely nothing to make 24/7 recordings.
My network would be constantly loaded and I wouldn't have the ability to quickly recognize activity.

I don't really feel cheated but am baffled by the carelessness with which this product has been marketed.
I do not expect such a big company in the folders where one moment there is talk about a maximum capacity of 128 GB and then another 32 GB.
And I would also expect that when writing the user manual it should also be noticed that nothing is mentioned about the micro-SD card.
I like the look, the images of excellent quality and I keep hoping that the shortcomings will be fixed as soon as possible in a new firmware.